Domestic & Household Clearance Services

Collection – Recycling – Disposal

A range of services for private residences and householders in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area. From a single piece of unwanted furniture through to an entire house, attic and garden. We are happy to clear, recycle and dispose of the things you no longer want or need.

Call: 01892 322191

Single Items

Need to get rid of a mattress? Got one too many sofas? Trying to get rid of something that's too big for the car? We are happy to collect a single item, give us a call.

Houses and Flats

We are happy to clear houses of all shapes and sizes as well as blocks of flats and apartments, with or without lift services.

Lofts, Attics & Cellars

If your loft or cellar is so crammed full of junk that you dread just opening the door give us a call. We'll help you to sort what you do and don't want quickly and easily.

Garages & Outbuildings

From sorting and clearing the contents right through to dismantling and removing the whole thing, just tell us what you need.

Sheds, Greenhouses & Garden Structures

We can clear dismantle and remove any type of garden building and safely dispose of any hazardous or dangerous components.

Fire Damaged Goods & Property

Fire damaged structures can be unsafe and a danger to health. Let us safely clear and secure things after the fire service have left the scene.

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